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6.8. Specifying a Preferred Location

Pacemaker does not rely on any sort of hardware symmetry between nodes, so it may well be that one machine is more powerful than the other. In such cases it makes sense to host the resources there if it is available. To do this we create a location constraint.
In the location constraint below, we are saying the WebSite resource prefers the node pcmk-1 with a score of 50. The score here indicates how badly we’d like the resource to run somewhere.
Wait a minute, the resources are still on pcmk-2!
Even though we now prefer pcmk-1 over pcmk-2, that preference is (intentionally) less than the resource stickiness (how much we preferred not to have unnecessary downtime).
To see the current placement scores, you can use resource tool-tips
IPaddr Score
Apache Score