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8.4. Reconfigure Pacemaker for Active/Active

Almost everything is in place. Recent versions of DRBD are capable of operating in Primary/Primary mode and the filesystem we’re using is cluster aware. All we need to do now is reconfigure the cluster to take advantage of this.
There’s no point making the services active on both locations if we can’t reach them, so lets first clone the IP address. Cloned IPaddr2 resources use an iptables rule to ensure that each request only gets processed by one of the two clone instances. The additional meta options tell the cluster how many instances of the clone we want (one "request bucket" for each node) and that if all other nodes fail, then the remaining node should hold all of them. Otherwise the requests would be simply discarded.
IPAddr2 Clone
Now we must tell the ClusterIP how to decide which requests are processed by which hosts. To do this we must specify the clusterip_hash parameter.
IPAddr2 Clone
Next we need to convert the filesystem and Apache resources into clones.
The last step is to tell the cluster that it is now allowed to promote both instances to be Primary (aka. Master).
Active-active Configured

8.4.1. Testing Recovery


TODO: Put one node into standby to demonstrate failover